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Most of the camp is still there - I believe the operator is hoping to reopen it after doing some reconstruction. Cabin 28, though, was torn down in 2004. Why it took them 23 years to tear it down is beyond me, but at least it's gone now.


carole gill

I also agree with Thorswitch.
Why on earth was the cabin left standing after the police investigation? To what purpose?
As for the night of the murders:
I would be interested to know if other people were staying close by. I think there were some that "didn't hear anything."
doesn't sound too logical to me.
I wonder how extensively those people were questioned.
It's obviously a rage killing--the depth of which can hardly be imagined.
It is one of the worst cases I've ever heard of.
I actually had never heard of it until I read about it here.
Horrendous story.
It reminded me of the infamous rage killing in France in the 1930's that the Papin sisters committed. Wherein two servants turned on their employers. The lady of the house and her daughter. It was one of the most horrific crimes also.

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Mystery movies are really my cup of tea. I just hope this movie is not full of violence.

The Cabin 28 Keddie Murders DVD is tastefully done...full respect to the victims...some violent pictures, but very brief

carole gill

Didn't know it was on DVD.

The DVD is now available and the book is available for pre-order. I have the DVD and its nice.Check out for it.

there's a keddie murders book too comin out


There is a book about this horrific crime. Check it out at It is a great book. Tastefully done.

Ryan Thompson

I wish Netflix would carry the movie. The makers ought to talk to them about it. I'd definitely rent it.

Jeremy from Indiana

Ok the lady stated above that the cabin still stands today. She wrote that just last year in 2008 but I read in a few places that the cabin was destroyed finally a few years ago when the new owner was trying to give the whole place a facelift. This is an awful story to hear about these poor people's murders. I have had interest in studying the case and going out to check out the area where the cabin is to see exactly how close everything is and what might be figured out maybe that people are missing. I am sure everyone has done a great job but I just would like to see for myself. Does anyone know if it is really there or really gone?


OK, so the keddie resort murder took place april 11, 1981....yes it was abrutal murder....very sad...i actually know somebody that was related to the victims.....and yes the cabin is torn down.....i have visited the keddie resort a few times...


I live in Plumas County and I have had a long time theory on who did it. Take a look at the composite drawing made from the child from the other room, you know, the one they said was most likely inaccurate due to his young tender age...well, aftere that, look at the photo of the detective (DeCrona)...similiar! Indeed. I have suspected him for years. He was dining at the Keddie Resort Restaurant that same evening. He would know how to do the job silently...he has been known to be violent...I am serious!


Kim - I have read this theory alot throughout the blogs. It seems to me that this could explain alot on why it is still unsolved to this day..if it turned out he did it. Were you also dining at the Keddie Resort that night & you saw him?? Do you know if he commited any other crimes? Thanks for your help

m anderson

where can i see the composite drawings for the keddie murders


You can see them in the gallery at

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Grand article.
Quelque chose que je n'avais jamais réalisé.

Nous les hommes ont besoin, dans les domaines d'enseignement.
Les garçons ont besoin de cette main lourde de l'ordre, qui vient naturellement à partir d'un homme en charge.

Aucun enfant doit prendre des médicaments soit.

En tant qu'homme, je me trouve entre les mains de beaucoup de femmes abusive tous les cas, toute ma vie.




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