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Chris Yarbrough

Great interview! I am looking forward to reading Twisted Triangle. I am familiar with Cornwell only as far as her involvement with Margo Bennett and her most unwelcome use of FBI files to embellish her novel, All That Remains. Eugene Bennett is an intriguing character on his own. I've often wondered if we know the whole story on him. this book looks to be very interesting and I can tell already that Rother's style of writing will complement the dramatic account she has authored.


I know what you mean about "All That Remains" - I'm from the UK and even I knew the case she was refering to!

Burl Barer

Caitlin Rother will be LIVE on Outlaw Radio's TRUE CRIME AND... hosted by Edgar Award winner Burl Barer and famed attorney Don Woldman Saturday July 5th 2pm PDT.
To listen live, just click the listen live link at or just to directly to the audio stream at

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