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Jeri Westerson

And then the bookstores chime in on the Simpson book. This is an excerpt from Publishers Weekly:
...It's too soon to know how readily available the book will be. Spokeswomen for Barnes & Noble and Borders Group both said no decision on whether the retailers will carry the book has been made yet. "The publisher has not presented the title yet, so at this point we have not made any decision to buy it yet," said Borders’ Ann Binkley. A similar comment came from B&N’s Mary Ellen Keating who noted that B&N "has not been approached by the publisher," adding that "at this point no decision" has been made about the book.

Early reaction from independents was split, though even those who say they will carry the book expressed little enthusiasm for it. McKenna Jordan, manager and book buyer at Murder by the Book in Houston, said the store will not carry the title. "To be blunt, it's tacky. I’m not a fan of censorship, but I know that customers would not appreciate seeing it in the store and would be offended," said Jordan. Steve Bercu, owner of Book People in Austin, said he will carry it. "I loathe the idea of censoring any book based on my personal feelings and the public will decide very quickly whether they're interested in it or not."

Darielle Linehan, owner Ivy Bookshop in Baltimore noted that "When the book was first announced, I was torn as a bookseller: I didn’t want to censor a book but at the same time was disgusted with the whole thing. So I made an arrangement with a women’s shelter to forward the profits to them. I don’t have any change of heart concerning the book now that the Goldman family is behind it. Its just unfortunate that anyone is making money off this. It will have a prurient interest that people may want to read for the morbid details. I think the media will scan the book and give the titillating parts of the book prior to publication, so I don’t think there will be many surprises left in the book and I predict mediocre sales."

In New England, Joseph Barber, manager of The Owl and the Turtle Bookshop, Camden, Me., said they will order it if somebody orders it. "We wouldn't put it on the shelf," he said. "There's making money, and there's making money."



I tried to comment on the Lizzie Bordon blog, but the comments were closed. So.....there is no Rick Zambora of Motley Crue. There is a Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi (who also used to be married to Heather Locklear, who was mentioned in the same celeb article). Just thought you might want to know the correct information.


Thanks for the correction Cari ! I fixed the reference.

Curiously enough, there is an overlap between fans of true crime and fans of hard rock / heavy metal music. What that connection is, I haven't the foggiest, but there you have it (and there you prove it!).

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