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Laura, I bought it earlier this year (there's only one other book called "Found Naked and Dead" about this case, and it was a paperback, jumping on the bandwagon type book - Clifford Elmer Books got it for me!) I loathed "Jack of Jumps" and wished I'd kept my money! I thought it was badly written, he had essentially nothing to say, and he enjoyed rolling in the gutter - ugh!

Laura James

Fiz - I can easily see how someone would have a very strong reaction to this book.

And yet there are a few city officials I wish I could assign this book to!


I'm not sure I understand your comment about wanting to slap a tart in the face. I'm hoping you mean as a wake-up call, and not as a punishment. I think these women's entire lives are a punishment.

An Avid Reader

This book is amazing. One of the best stories I read in 2008.

Completely honest and unsentimental, I thought it had a lot of sympathy for the victims even while refusing to romanticise their lives or their deaths. How often have we not read of someone deep in drug-addiction or prostitution that they were just about to turn their lives around when the vicious killer came and took the opportunity to finally make good from them? While it may actually have been the truth in a few cases, and while one likes to give the departed the benefit of the doubt, Mr Seabrook has entirely too much respect for his subjects to pretend they were something they were not.

Oh, and the writing style reminds me of the novelist David Peace, who based a series of well-written (fiction) crime novels on the Yorkshire Ripper case. Poetry. Sheer poetry.

Neil Milkins

I am publishing a book in April 2011 titled Who was Jack the Stripper? Professor David Wilson has read the manuscript and part of his foreword for my book reads: This book is a welcome antidote to [Jack of Jumps] Seabrook almost blames the victims for their own deaths.

Regards. Neil Milkins.

Neil Milkins

Television presenter Fred Dineage and top British criminologist, Professor David Wilson will be coming to Abertillery, South Wales on Thursday 25th November 2010 to start filming for a 1 hour documentary dealing with the Hammersmith nudes' murders. They will focus on Harold Jones, the former Abertillery child killer who lived in Fulham, Putney and Hammersmith during the time of these murders. Jones used various aliases during this period. (google hammersmith nudes' murders or neil milkins or harold jones-murderer.) Regards. Neil Milkins. 01495213744 or 07989555376 or

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