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I must remember to access your site more often. I appreciate very much your indepth research, reasonable retorts to issues with which you disagree, your generosity in referring readers to other blogs and sources. I feel your subjectvity but see your objectivity. How refreshing! JWTIV


Shawn's family are of limited resources. Please help them pay for counseling for Shawn;
The Shawn Hornbeck Care Fund
C/O First Bank
11901 Olive Blvd.,
Creve Coeur, MO 63141


Great piece of research, Laura. It's nice to see everyone here being supportive of Shawn, poor boy.


I shouldn't be surprised about people's ignorance, but this kind of behavior is not that unusual. One name I have seen for it is trauma bonding, and it has been observed after the emancipation of slaves in the US, after the Allies liberated the concentration camps, among abused wives and children, hostages, you name it. It's probably more unusual for it not to be observed in situations of long-term trauma, abuse, and control than not.

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