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Unbelievable. As discussed in former blogs and posts on this forum, I can easily believe this could happen with a woman in the 1940's; but I find it shocking that a good dramatic performance by a young man - who admittedly killed this young woman - along with the interesting dynamics of his defense were enough to give him a walk. It's going to take me a while to 'realign my jaw' after the force with which it hit the floor upon reading this installment, Laura.

John Rasmussen

The Tuxedo murder case has interested me for some time although I was only 12 at the time. As I recall there was some presentation during the trial of evidence of oral sex. It was the classic defense of trying the victim and not the defendent. It says a lot about the victorian climate of that time in the Midwest. If anyone has other information about the trial or whatever happened to Bednasek, I would like to know it.


Nat Schlesinger killed his brother Jack, he stole all his money and then burned the place down


I love reading about true crime stories - glad I stumbled upon your blog!

A Voice of Sanity

Remarkable. These days he would be convicted if he was merely in the same city as the victim.

Sian Preston

this is really scarhy how he could not know how he killed her. I just hope it never happens to me.

Larry Collister

Robert Bednasek lives today, 2009, in Stamford CT.


He died about 5 years ago. He had been living with parkinsons disease since he was about 30 years old. Can I ask, why would anyone want to know about Robert Bednasek after all of this time?

Judy H

I too was curious about what happened to Robert Bednasek, but maybe for a different reason than others who posted. My father was 16 during the trial and was in the psychopathic hospital in Iowa City at the same time as Bob Bednasek. My father had ulcerative colitis, which in 1950 was considered to be caused from mental issues. He remembers Bob as a nice guy and that he had his own room, while the other patients were in rooms shared with seven other patients. It was a pretty big deal for him to have met Bob, considering the publicity of the trial.


help! I need to know how many jurors there were asap


Well, traditionally there are 12 jurors in criminal cases in the US and the decision must be unanimous. I'd assume there were 12 in this case also.

John Rasmussen

How can I obtain a transcript of the trial?

mary anne madden

I have been interested in this case for a long time. I've lived In Iowa City and in 2008 wrote a fictionalized version of a murder in Reinow Hall. It's titled A CAMPUS DEATH. in it I refer to the Benasek case.

Elizabeth Hartwick, Robert Lowell's wife attended the trial when Lowell was teaching here.
I talked to her about it and she said she regretted fictionalizing it. I read the book, very hard to come by, and found it a rather silly, strained way to tell t he story.

I read the transcrip of the trial and saw the dress Gigi wore that night and loooked at her diary. This was at least ten years ago and it was all available at the Court House, I believe in the county clerk's office. I was trying to find out how the rumor of oral sex probably acquited him, even though all the bones in her throat were broken. It is a bizarre story.

D.M. Bogs

I read about the trial on Ancestry's newspaper section. There were several articles on the trial including a front page photo of the victim's injuries. Of course they only had the first three months of 1950.

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