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An Avid Reader

"But generally, mystery writers and avid readers have absolutely no interest in true crime."

I'd consider myself an avid reader.... And I read both, though I must admit I read more true crime on the web than in printed volumes. The only explanation I can offer is that it pains me to pay someone money to read about the suffering one actual person inflicted on another.

Fiction from that point of view is "cleaner", - but Caleb Carr is hardly the only fiction writer whose books demonstrate a knowledge of true crime? There are plenty of fictional accounts that take an actual case as their template so they can use it to bolster their claims of verisimilitude: It is a tired, old truth that Truth is stranger than fiction.

Thank you for the reading list offered in the entry more recent than this, btw;-)

Ana Brazil

Laura....if a mystery writer wanted to learn about true crime...which books would you recommend as starters?

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