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Assistant Village Idiot

I have always thought the long historical and literary record of middle-aged men being the most foolish and buffoonish of characters when they woo young women to be an enormous social barrier, preventing more of us from being similarly stupid. I am greatful for the fear of being thought ridiculous. Heaven knows how bad things might get in the world without it.

I have a middle-aged female friend who frets not at all when her husband tries to impress the younger women at parties. She requires only that any female he starts speaking to, he must continue in conversation with for 30 minutes. "I always have my husband nearby for the last two hours of any party," she insists.

David Hepler

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Donald the self defense weapons guy

Though I beleive that Charlotte was defending her own life and that it was in fact a case of self defense. I myself don't like the idea of guns being used as a self defense weapon. I am not an anti-gun activist in the least. In fact I own a few guns,but I think that lethal weapons such as guns should be used only for sport target practicing and hunting. We live in an age with the technology of non-lethal self defense weapons and we should move past the primitive idea that it is o.k. to kill someone if they are trying to kill you. I say taser or stun gun the attacker and let the law deal with them.

Kevin M. Sullivan

Donald-- Why do you think it's wrong to kill someone trying to kill you? I'm amazed at your thinking, sir.

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