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John Pallius

Hi Laura,
I was one of JBJ's Anthropology students in the semester right before his arrest. I was stunned at the news. I knew he was cut from a different cloth but mad? He wore Nehru jackets 10 years after they were nowhere to be found. He frequently criticized others in his field for pushing pet theories and for manipulating evidence to support their ideas. I thought the guy was the coolest. He was the coolest. But he was apparently too cool thinking he wouldn't get caught. He should have taken his lumps and moved on. Why punish the judge? It would likely take a court transcript to figure that out. There were grad students that ratted him out and helped nail him. I would have thought he'd be angrier at them. The judge must have done something extra inflammatory. I guess we'll never know.

Sylvia Feinman

I was a part time graduate student in anthropology in the 1970s. One year I attended a luncheon at the AAA annual meeting, sitting at a table hosted by John Buettner-Janusch. I remember feeling vulnerable when he remarked that we should get rid of the students who hang around the department never getting their degrees. So it was ironic that I later became an attorney and he became a felon. His fate was a stunning reminder that lunacy and brilliance are not mutually exclusive.

Eric Davidson, M.D.

Dr. Buettner-Janusch was one of the best men and profs i've ever been privileged to know. He did a lot of good for many people. We should not judge him without knowing all the facts. Perhaps the best summary statement is to say that he was probably too good for this world. I really miss him.

A former student from Duke University

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