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Leo Coleman

Does anyone know where Bathsheba Spooner was buried? I heard that it was an unmarked grave somewhere in Worcester, but I could not verify this. Let me know if you can.

James C.

I grew up next to Green Hill Park in Worcester. I had always heard Bathsheba was buried under a large rock in the park. The rock is to the right of driveway leading up to the maintenance buiding.

Faye Musselman

Here's a nifty source for the history of female executions in the US. I cited it in my blog entry on Bathsheba Spooner and Hannah Piggen.

From the Epsy file:


Slight errors. Joshua Spooner was 37, hardly "old," only 5 years older than Bathsheba's 32. Her lover Ezra Ross was 16 years old. Today she'd be imprisoned for statutory rape! Question in my mind: Bathsheba was 5 months pregnant when executed July 2; her husband was murdered March 2. If Bathsheba's motive for murder of Joshua was her pregnancy, she can't have conceived before February! Why act so quickly? Or ... Ross was aware of Joshua's very comfortable property & income, the unhappy wife & children. He seems to have been a malingerer, stretching a minor injury into months of "recuperation." Did he pick up the British deserters, on the gamble that the infatuated Bathsheba would marry him if widowed? Did he name her when his self-serving plea was rejected by the court? She couldn't prove innocence, but she never confessed.

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