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I'm a convert! Thanks for the tip.

porcasi gaetano


Written by: PORCASI GAETANO | March 25, 2008 at 00:52

The commitment in word sociale.La legality 'was so used to cause in public, when you feel a sense of fastidio.Applicare the legality and affirm respect the law of the state should be the first step that every citizen should do as observe its duties, then ask to have guaranteed its diritti.L 'art as well as the legality sebrano two abstract entity but has not always been cosi.Sono banquet that art is not just aesthetic, but when it reflect on social problems and of humanity becomes a tool to awaken consciences, So the artist is sensitive to social issues can not fail to denounce with the tool that has the discrepancies in society and it lobbies of potere.Il Indeed power does not like being criticized, whatever ideology and proclamations of any color dress. The power loves maintain and preserve itself and can influence and direct politics, society. In my work I tried to point out and highlight the role of devastating power politics, environment, money persone.Il close ally of power while to develop tends to trample human dignity and beauty of nature and often health ciascuno.Per same as this I thought my works as an instrument of denunciation sociale.E when I pointed out the pollution of which we are ourselves victims every day on time came the reaction with the complaint, with ostracismi, and with indifference to my works that were sometimes dele provocations, just to demonstrate how the general statements of legalitàa are worthless when it says it wants to do one thing and then realized the exact opposto.Recentemente with friends, journalists, politicians of good will are trying to put in a laboratory culture that has trasversare wing basic honesty, observance of human values, respect for the diversity ipegno to preserve for future generations a planet and a viable environment done by people in solidarity fatti.Per why we thought having accerttare comparison with men of good volontà.E 'in this spirit that I decided to establish this recognition that comes from those who want intestarsi a draft of good governance that can improve the quality of life of our terra.E' a la challenge that we run to you and we are doing to us stessi.Pittore Antimafia Gaetano

A Voice of Sanity

One large local library has "Studies in murder" by Pearson, Edmund Lester, 1880-1937, in storage. Hasn't been borrowed since 15-Mar-2002. Maybe I'll change that!

Robert Wyer


First, I only recently discovered Pearson et al in Goodman's Masterpieces of Murder. To put it mildly, I went nuts! Then I stumbled on your website. Couldn't believe such a thing existed! Thank you for all the work you've done. And please send me every uncollected Pearson essay you have and find.


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