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SIXTEEN breaks in the chain of custody for those tissue samples from the organs Cindy willingly donated…

NO LINK between Cindy and arsenic - she didn’t research it, she didn’t discuss it, and she didn’t purchase it…

NO paper trail.

The Medical Examiner, Glen Wagner, was baffled by the results of the heavymetals testing, so he contacted his old colleague, Jose Centeno.

Centeno admitted that he initially had reservations about the test results andconsidered whether the tissues had been contaminated. Centeno said, “I had never seen such high levels of arsenic.”

In the e-mail he sent to Wagner, Centeno said he was surprised by the highlevels of arsenic found in the liver and kidney, which were inconsistent with the negative results in the blood and urine. He said he had considered, and then rejected the possibility, that the samples could have been contaminated upon collection.

WHY did he reject that possibility?
WHY was the Death Certificate Amended?

This should have never been labeled a murder; and therefore, should have nevermade it to a jury.

The scientific evidence does not support death by arsenic poisoning. There is no evidence Todd was murdered.

Todd Sommer was not poisoned. The first mistake was when they labeled this a murder… the second was when they said Cindy did it… Correct the first mistake, and the second one corrects itself.

Think about it! This could be YOU or somebody you love.

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