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J Franklin

In a recent book published in 1998 by a descendant of Doc Holiday. It is said, Holiday was in Deadwood in 77 gambling when Wyatt arrived and knowing his brother from a brothel he ran in other parts, became friendly with Wyatt while there. I wonder if the Deadwood script writers are going to go after this little tid-bit?

The Bookhouse Boy

I read somewhere else that Mark Twain stopped by Deadwood sometime in 77. Oh, I'd like to see them touch that.


big deadwood fan myself (big westerns fan too)

Maybe its just me, but I dont like the way wrote Morgans character.

on another note, which movie did you like better, tombstone or wyatt earp?
its hard for me to choose...if i could, i would blend the casts...keep costner as wyatt, keep val kilmer as doc holliday, etc

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