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David All

Send this story over to Dick Wolf at NBC. Am sure it would make a great episode on one of the "Law & Order" series.


i just adore anything that has a cuckold figure in it.


Tut tut Nick... but you're hardly alone.


Simple hijacker

MOSCOW, November 15 - RIA Novosti. Federal Hydro Company ( Hydro) and the Federal Grid Company (FGC) will go to equity markets in March and August 2008 respectively, age, reported on the day the head of RAO UES Anatoly Chubais. HydroOGK in March 2008 the age will come to the stock markets and FGC I derive nearly later - in August - he said to a conference in Moscow. According to Chubais, the total capitalization of companies that released radioactive waste within the industry reforms after 1 July 2008 age of about 79 billion dollars. On November 14, 2007 age cap of the power for him, was 53 billion dollars. Russia, the electricity market where all prepared for full functioning in the next 15 years rather be in a situation of consistent domestic demand growth for electricity, Chubais said. By 2010 we need to introduce 15.9 gigawatts of new generating capacity, - he stressed. Chief RW yes recalled that the investment program included in the energy holding company until 2010 the age of 137.8 billion dollars and formed primarily by private investment.Similar records:

Yushchenko reaffirmed the policy of integration into EU and NATO
Armenian Genocide: Will the big geopolitics in the blood?

Gazprom does not exclude, how much decline in world prices for gas may be affected for the implementation of stem-Zeeman project. This announcement is made head of Shtokman Development AG Yuri Komarov for a conference on the Russian shelf. For Gazprom explained how about a low price for natural gas will decrease the effectiveness of the project, but its effect will not be delayed. According to experts, the development of the Shtokman field will probably cost effective only about high prices for gas and in the present circumstances we can expect the adoption in 2009 of its decision on partial funding from the federal budget. The Shtokman field is located in the central part of the Russian sector of the Barents Sea, its reserves amount to 3.8 trillion cubic meters. m. of gas. to the project for the first stage created Shtokman Development AG, in which 51% owned by Gazprom, 25% - Frances Total and 24% - Norwegian StatoilHydro. Investment in the project, up to a preliminary estimate, should make the final $ 12 billion deal on investment will be signed in 2009. Falling prices for natural gas causes a fear and may affect for the Shtokman project, said Yuri Komarov. At the same time, he recalled how at the end of the last century, oil was $ 10 per barrel., Consistent, and gas was much cheaper than that now ($ 50 per a thousand cu. M). for now it is possible to return for a similar price cycles, and this disturbing trend, said Mr. Komarov. He recalled how the Shtokman field was free 20 years ago, but the beginning of its development was delayed. to some extent, two - and obchelsya attempts to proceed to its development, but they ended in vain for an inability to coordinate investment component. for Gazprom stressed about how much lower price for natural gas will decrease the effectiveness of the development of Shtokman, but its effect will not be delayed. To implement the first phase of the project participants began in July 2007. It involves the production of 23.7 billion cubic meters. meters of gas annually, 50% of which will take up gas pipeline, an additional 50% - to send to the action of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Gas should be done in Europe and the Atlantic basin, including the US. the emergence of supply to the pipeline is scheduled for 2013, LNG - 2,014 th. in the spirit, said yesterday Yuri Komarov, until 2009 the age to be contracted much of the LNG. Cost of gas in the Barents Sea, as well as for the Yamal Peninsula and the Kara Sea, substantially higher than for conventional oil fields in the Nadym-Pur-Taz region of Yamal-Nenets, explains the head of the gas industry otdelhotya esearch Institute of Natural Monopolies Alex Belogoryev. At least she can make 30-40 dollars for one thousand cubic meters. m. Therefore, the development of such fields as Shtokman is probably cost effective only about the condition of maintaining high prices for gas. to the dignity of this oil should be to level at 50-60 dollars per barrel., experts say. If and Gazprom will carry timing of the Shtokman field, its pretty painful, and almost certainly lead to a significant shortage of gas for the domestic market, the causality of this field is one of the key terms of gas supply customers in European Russia and the EU in in 2015 -2020 years, says Mr. Belogoryev. In this context, we can expect the adoption in 2009 the decision on partial funding of the project through the federal budget. not ruled out as Gazprom rather forced to be involved in the implementation of the Shtokman other full members, not limited to, Total and StatoilHydro. Given the extraordinary technological value of the project, its cost, obviously, more often rather quietly revised upwards. For any event, the start of production for the Shtokman project in doubt, wait before 2014-2015 years , - the expert believes. According to the director of the department due diligence SAG 2K Audit - Business Consulting Alexander Stock, in connection with the current situation with prices for natural gas can not be excluded as the beginning of production for the Shtokman project rather delayed . The EU has such a development will certainly cause fear - European leaders have often expressed concerns about how Gazprom will not be enough resources to perform all the same bait export commitments.Similar records:

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